Leyla Jafarli.

Hi there! My name is Leyla. I’m a product designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

I've been working as a designer for the past 5+ years in both B2C and B2B industries. Currently, I'm a senior product designer at Personio, leading the design for the Document Management product – think bulk management, templating, automation, workflows, the exciting stuff!

My design philosophy seeks to innovate without unnecessary complexity, aiming for delightful and intuitive experiences. I love the analytical and experimental aspects of my work. I also enjoy mentoring; I've guided high schoolers, junior designers and those transitioning to design in their journeys.

I'm pretty into cyberpsychology, exploring the core psychology behind how people interact with interfaces and technologies. This curiosity shapes my design approach, aiming for a blend of creativity and a deep understanding of user behaviour.


2021 - Present


Senior Product Designer, Documents
– Helped solve bulk document creation problem affecting 150+ customers
– Redesigned all the existing & legacy document experiences
– Crafted visiontype for Documents 2025 based on user insights and strategic pillars
– Integrated documents with workflows and notifications


Product Designer, Spike (Media Monitoring)
– Introduced Leaderboards widget to monitoring and crisis dashboards
– Improved search function and made it smarter by leveraging user behavior and optimising incremental search/query building

International Bank of Azerbaijan

Lead UX/UI Designer, Digital Innovation Hub
– Led design and research at Personal Loans project
– Introduced online loan application and borrowing process to mobile banking app and web application

Ante Technologies

UX/UI Designer
– Led conversion optimisation projects for affiliate websites and partner landing pages
– Played a key role in increasing the conversions of PPC product by 20% (Published in UX Metrics and ROI report of NNGroup)
– Created design systems to facilitate efficient development of PPC affiliate marketing websites
2016 - 2018

Momentum Digital

Creative Lead
– Led project-based teams to deliver creative solutions in social media, corporate websites, apps, and media platforms
– Managed customer communications across the project lifecycle


2020 - 2022

MSc in Cyberpsychology

Institute of Art, Design & Technology Dun Laoghaire (Dublin, Ireland)
– Conducted eye-tracking experiments with 47 participants to analyse how fixation count and duration varied in simple and complex task groups
– Thesis: Impact of Task Complexity on Inattentional Blindness in Enterprise Applications
2013 - 2018

BSc in Information Technology

ADA University (Baku, Azerbaijan)
– Senior Design Project: Electronic Health Record system for medical insititutions in Azerbaijan